DNS Roof Restoration’s Warranty Policy

Warranty does not cover materials for replacing the roof unless building owner has a full Conklin Manufacture warranty in hand.

Warranty does not cover any materials underneath of coating system such as previous roof materials, deck or insulation board and does not cover any water damage structure or mold.

Warranty does not cover skylight, chimneys or walls.

Warranty does not cover storm damage, natural disaster or 3rd party damage.

Warranty is void as soon as anyone outside of DNS Roof Restoration attempts to make any repairs.

Warranty does not cover wrinkles or defects in previous roofing materials or work needed done to previous roof.

Building owner is responsible to let DNS Roof Restoration know within 15 days of a leak. If it is obvious that the roof has been leaking for longer than that, then DNS Roof Restoration is not responsible for any damage.

Warranty covers repairs as follows:

Repairs, cracks and holes to prevent further damage and leaks. Covers minor storm and or 3rd party damage up to $400 worth of repairs. Labor may be figured for such repairs. Should building owner refuse to pay for such repairs, warranty will be void.

Warranty Transfer:

Warranty can be transferred to new building owner or next generation but DNS Restoration has to be aware of such transfer and meet the next owner and approve the transfer.

DNS Roof Restoration is good to work with and may in certain cases go above and beyond warranty work to make satisfaction. Our goal is to make satisfaction to all of our customers and make all of our customers happy. Together we achieve more!

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